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·  Mikrokosmos

Mikrokosmos Classical Records is owned by Peter Fulop. Their business phone is 416.224.1956

·  Polyphon

Polyphon is located in the Netherlands and is owned by Jaco van Witteloostuyn. Their phone is 31.23.547.0575

·  Church of the Good Shepherd

Tim Bayly is the senior pastor of the church located in Bloomington, IN and may be contacted at 812.332.8900

·  Classical Reference Website is the standard price and reference database guide for classical recordings.

·  David DeBoor Canfield

David DeBoor Canfield is the professional name (as composer) of the same guy who runs Ars Antiqua! Check out his site for a list of works and biographical information, etc.

·  Website Technical Support

Andrew Long is the ArsAntiqua webmaster, please contact him here if you have problems accessing this site: ARS Antiqua Website Help!
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